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So different, yet so many similar challenges. 

Nikec Solutions have established a strong worldwide client portfolio since our launch in 1997. Our solutions support digital transformation through innovative and productive solutions​.


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Nikec help Financial Services companies organise and access their documents by automating routine tasks, helping reduce business risk, and ensuring compliance. 

By improving customer​ service using collaborative workspaces or seamless integrations with existing systems, we can help provide efficiency gains across your organisa​tion.

Property Management

Utilising Nikec's solutions, we can help consolidate information regarding owners, tenants, and properties​ into one centralised location — without the need for stressful data migration, thereby reducing manual and paper-intensive processes that often result in errors and missed opportunities.

Construction & Engineering

Nikec can help companies achieve complete visibility of doc​uments and processes, enabling the delivery of complex projects on time, within budget, and safely. 

Our solutions enable seamless management of everything from CAD drawings and project plans to emails and documents, with the ability to automate the review and approval processes for plans, specifications, proposals, engineering drawings, and any other type of documents.

Compliance/Regulatory Bodies

In the world of compliance, information sharing is crucial for achieving accreditations and certifications. 

Our solutions help companies streamline their business processes, boost productivity, and take control of their document management, allowing information to be organised and stored securely, automating time-heavy processes, and helping to provide a superior service to your clients.

Government/Public Sector

Nikec assist organisations in improving efficiency, facilitating easier collaboration, enhancing accessibility, and organising documents, enabling public sector bodies to achieve greater compliance and meet regulatory requirements. 

Our solutions contribute to more efficient, secure, and cost-effective operations in the public sector.


Nikec help organisations comply with energy regulations while providing instant access to important documents and information whether in the office or in the field.

Our solutions assist with this effort by offering a central platform to author, publish, and distribute safety and sustainability documentation, aiding in evidencing compliance by centralising compliance tasks and their related documentation in a single, easy-to-use platform.


We assist in revolutionising and simplifying how your accounting/legal firm manages information with the leading Knowledge Work Automation Platform. Automate workflows, instantly find and organise client files and information, strengthen your security and compliance environment, all while leveraging M-Files powered by GenAI.