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AI-Driven Automation

M-Files helps automate the entire knowledge work process from document creation and management to workflow automation, external collaboration, enterprise search, security, compliance, and audit trail.

Powered by M-Files' generative AI technology, M-Files Aino, the platform helps organize information, understand the context of documents, and interact with their organization's knowledge using natural language.

Organise your content

M-Files adapts to the document flow and content of any organization. Classifying documents and extracting their meaning optimizes knowledge worker productivity by automating routines and ensuring information can be easily found and used in the proper business context.

Automatically classify documents

Ensure documents are secure, align with business rules, comply with industry regulations, and can be processed in automated workflows.

Automatically connect documents to any business context

Connect documents with the right business processes and surface them in customizable views and usage scenarios.

Automatically discover critical data

Crawl data repositories to uncover business-critical data or sensitive content inside documents. Apply appropriate automation to your data, keeping you in control of your business data and risk.

M-⁠Files Aino takes knowledge work productivity to a new level by placing your organization’s knowledge base at your fingertips.

Knowledge workers primarily work with documents and data—their daily work focuses on thinking, creating, and collaborating. Anything that detracts from that “flow state”—like finding the right document or manually executing routine actions creates a distraction from higher value-⁠added work.

The M-⁠Files knowledge work automation platform automates tasks, processes, and actions that previously required human interaction. M-⁠Files Aino further increases productivity by allowing knowledge workers to ask questions based on their data, summarize documents, or translate content into other languages. With M-⁠Files Aino, knowledge workers get the benefits of advanced generative AI capabilities while keeping their data safe.

See M-Files in Action

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo to learn more about simplified search, automatic workflows, intuitive user interfaces, and built-⁠in integrations with existing applications and file systems.

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